Miniature Real Sushi Platter in a Mint Case

A sushi platter on a tamago (egg) sushi! Have you ever seen such tiny sushi?



A Nico Nico Douga user created the miniature sushi out of a store bought sushi platter. The video is titled “I Put Nigiri Sushi in MINTIA,” and you can see the pieces of sushi are lined in MINTIA (Japanese mint brand) case.


(Originally from Nico Nico Douga video by 赤井稲妻)


Isn’t it amazing? Tiny pieces of fish on a single grain of rice with a tiny bit of wasabi. And the green decoration and gari ginger too! What impresses me the most is the seaweed works like ship sushi and tamago (egg) sushi. The creator must be really handy and have a nicely sharpened knife to cut seaweed so small.

Although the sushi are so small, they look good and fresh. I wonder if the creator ate after shooting the video.



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