Neon Lights on Trucks “Decotora”


When you drive Japanese national road, you sometimes see loudly decorated trucks called “decotora” meaning “decoration truck (decorated truck).” They are gorgeously painted and have stainless exterior parts and neon lights.


The videos below were taken at decotora events.




Decotora are made mostly for truck drivers’ fun and different from propaganda trucks. Some people create special decotora for events.

As you can see in the video, each decotora has its owner’s perfonality, but the designs are commonly strong and powerful.

Those fancy trucks are more often seen ages ago, but because the owners consider Road Transport Vehicle Act, decotora have been gradually disappearing from roads. Also the economical recession may be related to the decline. Including a truck, a decotora costs 20 to 30 million yen (about 240 to 360 thousand US dollars)!!



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