A Living Wall

Let me introduce a blog post from my favorite entertainment blog site again.

The topic is about ‘a wall’.


wall green

This looks like inside of an exhibition.
There is a realistic frame decorated on the wall.


wall green

Well, it is a real thing rather than a realistic thing.
Real moss, rocks and plants are decorated.
It is hard to see in this picture, but water is streaming on the surface.


wall green

According to the blogger, it is a technique called “greening wall surface”.
The sound of water stream has healing effect.


This is awesome!

This is the first time that I see a work (or product?) like this. It is a good idea!

Usually, interior tends to be artificial, so we try to make it more natural by decorating plants, adding bright things, etc. But the idea of decorating green on the wall is a fresh idea.

I would like to decorate a frame like this in my office, too. ^_^


Source: Daily Portal Z



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