EXILE — Over 17 million Sold Pop Dance Group


A Japanese pop band and dance group which is popular among people in wide range age groups, EXILE.

It consists of 14 male members and often called “Multi-Entertainment Group” because they produce own magazine, clothing-line, theatrical company and cartoon.

Since its 2001 debut, EXILE has sold over 17 million records in Japan.

They released 7 albums and the 6 albums beside the first one ranked top in the album sales rankings.


The fans of EXILE are children to 40s.

The reason of popularity may be because they their music is pleasant to anyone.

Their 31st single “THE HURRICANE -FIREWORKS-” has Japanese taste in dance tune.

The [W:Shamisen] (three stringed Japanese instrument) sound uniquely matches to the contemporary beat.


Here is the music video!



The next video is a digest clip of EXILE LIVE TOUR 2009 “THE MONSTER”.




To see the members’ pictures and discography, visit EXILE official website (Japanese but the tubs are in English)!

This is JAPAN Style!


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