Package Tour to Enjoy Staff Meal of 1st Class Chef!

If you look at package bus tour brochure in Japan, you can always find some reasonable and seasonal food tasting tour.  From a wide selection or tours, you can choose seasonal fruits, fish, vegetable or whatever you like.  But it seems there is a new type of package tour to enjoy particular food.


…which is ‘staff meal’!!


japanese staff meal

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According to the article, this unique package tour a Japanese company started selling last year, is to enjoy stuff meal of 1st class restaurants.  You can enjoy food and newly created desert as well as kitchen tour so that you can see how chefs are working in a kitchen!


japanese kitchen

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It must be a great fun to see professional chefs cooking!

Obviously, 6,524 people tried to book this unique package tour within a week, which clearly explained how competitive it is to obtain the ticket for the tour!

This company previously introduced a package tour to visit company canteen of popular companies with a motto of providing priceless experience, and gathered attention of Japanese people.  This ‘staff meal’ eating tour is a new product of the company, and they are always finding a good venue, where you cannot visit easily as a guest.

Even though it says ‘staff meal’, of course, they are prepared at a 1st class restaurant by proper chefs, so ingredients are carefully chosen, and food has nice varieties, so food quality seems to be very promising 🙂

Wow, the fact that you cannot eat them easily without attending the tour makes it sounds so tempting!  I will definitely be interesting to join myself (><)


What do you think about today’s article?

I will be looking forward to hearing unique package tours of your country, too  😉


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