“2nd Furusato Festival Tokyo” Performing Arts and Local Dishes


Through the last week, “The 2nd Furusato Festival Tokyo” was held at Tokyo dorm and 379 thousands of people enjoyed Japanese traditional performing arts and local dishes from all over the country.

Furusato means “hometown” in Japanese. The presenters from various areas in the country promoted their hometowns with impressive performances and foods. For example, the following video is the performance of “Koenji Awa-odori” by 12,000 dancers.



One of the best feature of the festival is “National Donburi Championship,” which decides the best donburi ―bowl of rice with food on top. 20 teams from different towns competed each other for the top place. They sold half-sized donburi to the customers, who later voted for the one they liked.

This is the picture of the venue. It looks very crowded with people. They made lines to taste the delicious donburi.

Photo by こゆきや


Let’s see the top 5 donburi that are worth to wait 90 minutes in lines!


#1: Unimeshi-don (Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe) From Hokkaido

Photo by ひろむ


#2: Shiroebi Kakiage-don (Fried White Shrimp) From Toyama

Photo by xxxharumi


#3: Tai Chazuke (Sea Bream on Rice with Tea) From Nigata

Photo by stream9210


#4: Hinai-dori Oyako-don (Soy and Sugar Seasoned Chicken and Egg) From Akita

Photo by tibiiiii


#5: Atsu-meshi (Sashimi Marinated with Soy Based Sauce) From Oita

Photo by tsunx_2


Since 4 out of 5 donburi are seafood, you can tell how we Japanese love seafood!

The festival is held annually since last year, so there is high possibility that it will be held next year too. It is a good opportunity to see and experience different parts of Japan in the center of Tokyo.



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