Coolest Way to Eat Frisk Mints


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Convenience stores, supermarkets or kiosks… wherever you go, you always find Frisk mints in Japan. The mints are manufactured by the Perfetti Van Melle company (based in Belgium) and packaged in small plastic boxes that slide open.



"246-You" some rights reserved. flickr


Some Japanese people found the boxes very convenient for crafts. For example, this man made a mint shooter with the box. Here is the video.



When he pulls the screw in the back and slides the lid open, a mint pops up! 😯

In the video, the creator says “Coolest way to eat Frisk mints, though I don’t feel like using it LOL.” But he has got pretty good comments by the viewers who got excited about it saying “Cool!” “I want it!!!!” “Please show us how to make it. I mean it seriously!”

Receiving these comments, he showed inside of the Frisk box in another video. This is the picture.



Someone made another version of Frisk mint shooter. This one looks simpler.



It IS the coolest way to eat Frisk mint but if you miss the mint and it hits your face, you won’t look so cool (^_^)



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