Japanese Samurai Armor Wedding

The recent samurai boom hatched a new style of marriage ceremony, Samurai Armor Wedding!!



In the samurai armor wedding, the groom wears samurai armor and helmet instead of tuxedo or hakama (long pleated culotte-like Japanese trousers).

Because samurai armor means “protect” and “solidify,” it is suitable for a groom who is going to protect and solidify his new family.

Also there is an old saying goes “a samurai never goes back on his word (bushi ni nigon ha nai),” so the “I do” from the groom in samurai armor will be very convincing.

In the reception, they cut a wedding cake with samurai sword and some samurai grooms are excited enough to perform swordplay!

It costs 80,000 to 150,000 yen (US$970-1,800) to rent a samurai armor set and hire the staff to put it on. It is not bad because renting crested kimono costs almost the same or cheaper.

Although some people say it is weird to wear samurai armor for wedding, but it is once in a life time opportunity, let them do however they want to do!


“Samurai Armor Wedding Promotion Video”



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