Shrine Surrounded by High Office Buildings in Tokyo

Photo by Rendezvous


In a business district in Toranomon, Tokyo, there is a shrine which has 350 years history. The wooden traditional shrine, Kotohira-gu stands out against the silver, contemporary buildings. The grey torii (Shrine archway) stands along an office street.


Japanese Shrine

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In the precincts, there are kagura hall (god entertainment hall), shrine office, and 9-story office tower, Kotohira tower.


Japanese shrine

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The god worshiped at the shrine is called a maritime god. Also the god is renowned for his potency for business, temperance, and abstaining from smoking; therefore, many business men in suits are seen in the precincts.

It takes only one minute walk from Toranomon Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) to Kotohira-gu.


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