Milk Carton like Pal Lives in Your Refrigerator

“Fridgeezoo” are gadgets that add entertainment to refrigerators. They are animal designed milk carton like shaped, and kept inside of a refrigerator.


Photo by neko_no_tsume


When you open the fridge, they start talking like “Hello!” “What’s up?” and “Eating sweets again?” in Japanese. When you keep it open too long, they complain, so they encourage your “eco conscious.”

The animals are seal, polar bear, penguin, and walrus. Each one has different character and talks differently.


There is a story behind the Fridgeezoo…“The animals which lost their land because of the global warming, arrived in refrigerators. Since they can’t live in hot places, they disguise as milk cartons and blend with the surroundings. Once they are tolerated by humans, they start talking to the humans they see everyday.”




I don’t know if it is eco friendly because it makes you want to open the fridge more to hear what they say. And because you open the fridge more, you grab more food and eat more… unless the carton says “you are going to get fat!” or something (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!



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