Perfect Anime Masks for Halloween?




Are you an anime lover? If so, have you dreamt of having an anime-looking face with incredibly huge, kawaii eyes? Here is something perfect for those who once had this dream of acquiring an anime-face, but gave it up. It’s paper craft masks called “2.5D Mask”.

You can download four types of faces from their website for FREE! >> Their download page HERE.  The faces are named Cheerful, Lolita, Grace, and Timidity, and they have different facial expressions (don’ seem terrible different to me though…) Just print out your favorite face on thick A4 size paper using your home printer, and attach elastic bands onto each side of the mask. Very simple, isn’t it?


cheerful_thumb<< [ Cheerful ]

lolita_thumb<< [ Lolita ]

grace_thumb<< [ Grace ]

timidity_thumb  << [ Timidity]


However… honestly speaking, the look wearing one of these “2.5D” masks is kind of creepy (or should I use some more complicated word like “surreal”?) According to the original article, the creator of these masks is up-and coming Japanese artist, Kuwagata. His work seems to be gaining popularity with its spine-chilling atmosphere. The 2.5 masks might be great for your Halloween costumes as well 😉 Think about it!


Source: YouPouch / 2.5D Mask


Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!