Fortress like Japanese Private House

In Japan, characteristics of houses differ with regions.

The houses I saw in a blog post were very peculiar among others.


Japanese house

 It is one of the worst high-wind sites in Japan,
Muroto Cape, Kochi Prefecture,  Shikoku District.


Japanese house

 The houses on the edge of the cape are surrounded by thick walls.


Japanese house

 They have been fighting with gale and high waves since long ago.
It silently tells the history.


Japanese house

 Concrete wall and iron door.



Japanese house

Strong and solid like a fortress.



They are perfect to be called “fortress”! 😯

The residents probably needed to make the houses strong and solid to not beaten by high wind and high wave.

It must be good for security control; because it is so strong, thief can’t break in.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!