Panasonic’s Retro Promotion for Latest Electrical Appliances


There is a tendency for young people to stay single in recent years in Japan, and the number of late twenties and early thirties’ people who live alone has been increasing.

Considering the social background, Panasonic has released electrical appliance series designed for unmarried people in thirties, who often do housework at night or weekends.

The promotion for the Night Color series is very interesting using kind of 60s to 80s mixed graphic effects.



[Night Color Promotion Movie]




Most promotions for electrical appliances are futuristic like they have to go beyond what have been done, however; this one dares to go back to classic, which is very fresh and conspicuous.

The Night Color series consists of six appliances; steam microwave oven, IH rice cooker, air cleaner, vacuum, washing machine, and refrigerator. In the promotion video, they simply look black but when you look at them closer, these are patterned. Like this.


common pattern

"common pattern" (c)Panasonic Corporation


Besides the stylish design, the series features low noise, compact size, and functions to help quick and easy housework.

Lastly, I want to share this cool video which exhibited for a Night Color Debut event at Tokyo Designers Week. The music was made by CORNLIUS, a Japanese musician.




This is JAPAN Style!


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