What’s the Weirdest “Bento” Packed Lunch You’ve Ever Seen?

In Japan, many people carry homemade bento (packed lunch) to work and school.

A homemade bento basically includes some rice and side dish such as grilled salmon, meat balls, and some cooked vegetables, but it still shows the personality of the cook.


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In the Oshiete! goo Q&A, users shared the weirdest bento that they’ve ever seen. Here are some examples.

“When I was in a junior high, I was surprised to see my friend brought cheese fondu to school.”

“My co-worker has brought salted salmon roe on rice that he made.”

Both are common dishes served at restaurants but not for bento!


“I saw someone’s big bento that was filled with half yakisoba (fried noodle) and half udon (thick noodle), and two dried plums on each noodle to keep foods from going bad.”

Noodle and noodle (^_^) Maybe he didn’t have anything else in his refrigerator, or he loves noodle.


“A girl was eating a typical looking bento but 1/3 of the rice was wrapped with sweet red beans paste. She was eating it like nothing.”

Sweet red beans paste is used for sweets, so it is unusual.


“My co-worker brought kinako (soybean powder) as side dish LOL”

“My friend’s bento was 1/2 cabbage, salt, and a banana. She was pealing the leaves one by one and eating quietly.”

They were probably on diet but the bentos don’t sound fun at all (^_^;)


“This person brought semi-frozen corn soup and minestrone as bento in summer and ate with a piece of bread.”

Soup can be served cold but frozen soup!? With bread!? That’s weried LOL


Source: Excite News


This is JAPAN Style!