How to Take “Kawaii” Self-Shot with Cell Phone

Taking self-shot with a cell phone is very popular among young women in Japan. They are good at taking kawaii (cute) pictures of themselves. What are their secrets?

Searching online, I found that the followings are 4 basic tricks to make your face more kawaii!


– Upturned eyes

This is the basic trick. Hold your camera (cell phone) at 45 degrees above and snap. By looking up the lens, your eyes open widely, and make you look younger and cuter.



– Hide contour of your face

To make your face petite and cute, hide the contour of your face with your hand, or things such as mug cup, stuffed animal, or fruits.

Making V sign on a chin is a popular way to make a face look smaller.



– Use white to make your face brighter

Professional photographers use reflector boards to make the subject look beautiful.

You ca get the same effect by standing against white wall, or putting white towel or paper on your lap.


– Sellotape Magic

Stick a piece of sellotape on your finger and then lightly put it on the lens. Take a picture with the tape on, and you can get misty effect. It slightly blurs your face and fades wrinkles and spots.


Photos by 工藤隆蔵


This is JAPAN Style!