Wasabi Stories vol.163: “The Joy of Fitting”


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“The Joy of Fitting”

Today’s story-teller is a Japanese female essayist Yoko Hiramatsu.

The story is about ‘fitting.’

For example, jeans’ fabric is hard when it is new, but jeans will fit your body better as you wear them in.

Recently, there are soft-processed jeans in the market, but Hiramatsu thinks they spoil the joy of making jeans fit your body slowly as they get stretched more each time you wear.



She says, “Fitting, this means a relationship. There is no fate or one-sideness. You need two parties for this event. In other words, it means a miracle occurred by the result of searching.”

She describes it as a fruit of struggle.

There are shoes, pans, and dusters are things which will gradually change the shape to fit better. The silver ring she is wearing on her left middle finger is one of them.

The ring was too tight for her finger at first, but curiously the shape slowly changed and now it fits her finger.

She points out that it is not only for things, but also for relationships between people.


Finally she says, “You struggle with a lot of difficulties when you are in a relationship. You have to struggle with discomfort. Your heart aches for waiting for your love. The struggles must be the lessons for starting a true relationship and to fit into each other’s life. After going through a lot together, the joy of having a beautiful relationship and fitting into each other’s life make you feel so warm.”


The NIKKEI 12/19/2009 by Yoko Hiramatsu (essayist)



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