Great CG works and Flipbook in The Planet Zero

Today, I want to share this beautiful computer graphic world created by Japanese artists including a Flash artist Roxik and Japanese studio Dwarf (team behind Domo Nation).

The Planet Zero is a world without CO2 emissions presented by Nissan. While having a play with the creatures that populate it, you can learn about climate change and renewable energy and in particular electricity… which powers the Nissan Leaf car.

Visit the Planet Zero world!! You can move the characters around by moving your mouse.




As a part of this project, Nissan is inviting people to submit through the website their vision of a zero emissions world as a flipbook video. The video are put both on the website and YouTube.

Flipbook Studio Website (English)


This is the most popular flipbook video in the website. The creator commented that it took him 12 days to make the video. Well done!


“Run Run Run”


On YouTube, you can watch some beautiful animations created by the Japanese artists.



Interestingly, you can watch the making scenes in the Dwarf’s website!!

Enjoy! 😉


Roxic (Japanese)
Dwarf (Japanese, English)