[Japan after Quake] Headline Round-up : Aug 15-21



This is a weekly headline round-up of the posts titled [Japan after Quake] on our Facebook page.


[Aug. 15] Near epicenter of 3.11 quake, huge crack (1m width / 80m long) found in ocean floor, 5,300m deep.


It’s rare to investigate the ocean floor just after huge a earthquake. The research results will help us to understand the mechanism of earthquakes.


[Aug. 16] After tsunami, 5,700 safes found & brought to police. 96% of the whole amount returned to the owners. The total sum of cash in the safes was ¥2,360,000,000 (US$30,743,177) in all.


If we count not only safes, but also wallets, the sum of cash becomes ¥3.7billion (US$48,211,609). And 85% of this amount has been returned to the owners.


[Aug. 17] ‎3.11 tsunami-hit towns fight to sustain folk arts.


“There are just too many victims. We cannot rest. The most important thing is to look forward”, The chairman of folk arts said.


[Aug. 18] Rice farms struggling w/weed, rubbish, & seawater from tsunami. Will take a few years to be restored as before.


It will be a long struggle…


[Aug. 19] Misuse causes government to end toll-free deal for trucks for 3.11 victims in Tohoku region.


Government sources said Friday that it plans to terminate the toll-free benefit for large vehicles, mainly trucks, in the disaster-hit Tohoku region at the end of August because many trucks have abused it.


[Aug. 20] Tomato farmers in Miyagi overcome tsunami salt damage and welcome harvest time 🙂


Growers use special Bacteria from the ocean. This Bacteria consumes salt when photosynthesis occurs.


[Aug. 21] Prime minister Kan to apologize: Fukushima nuclear no-go zone must remain in effect.


20km no-go zone rule was scheduled to be lifted next January, but now postponed…


This is JAPAN Style!