Making Food that Appear in Ghibli Cartoons

Delicious looking food is always accompaniment of Ghibli films. In the cartoons, even a plain rice ball or ordinary sunny-side-up fried eggs are mouth-watering.

Some Ghibli fans make exact the same food that appear in the films and share the pictures and videos online.

Here are some of the videos that I found on Niconicodouga.
(When you watch Niconicodouga, click speech balloon with three dots next to the volume bar to turn off the comments.)



Herring and Pumpkin Pie from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
13 year-old witch Kiki helped an old lady to make Herring and Pumpkin Pie for her grand daughter.


Fish Dish from “Porco rosso”
Porco, a pig man and bounty hunter, is having some kind of fish dish at Hotel Adriano.



The person who made this dish commented that she couldn’t decide whether she should use pork or not (^_^) But she used salmon after all.

The last two videos also show the dishes from Ghibli films; one is bacon & egg and the other is meat ball soup. Since both are popular food, you may already know how to cook them, but I post the videos because they are fun. I can tell how much both users love the Ghibli films.


Thick Bacon Strips and Eggs from “Howl’s Moving Castle”


Meat Ball Soup from “Castle in the Sky”


This is JAPAN Style!