Magic Food to Kill Heavy Alcoholic Smell of the Drunk!! Pickled Plum and Seaweed

Japanese people are globally known as not very strong drinkers, but people still love drinking, and sometimes even non-drinkers enjoy stress-free drinking environment.  It is not so difficult to find very drunk business men around the last train time on Friday in Japan.  It can be a bit of good comedy to see those drunk people on their way home from pubs, but it’s nothing wrong with being drunk as long as they know what they are doing.  …apart from the heavy alcoholic smell of very drunk people, which can be a nightmare in train, bus and other closed area… (><)


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According to an article, the cause of the horrible smell is created when your liver breaks alcohol into acetic aid and carbon dioxide, and brings some acetaldehyde into your blood vessel.  And the component seems to be let out through your breath and sweat, which can be taken as bad smell unique to drunk people… (ouch!)

But you don’t have to worry anymore!  It seems some food which Japanese traditionally eat can help killing such a smell!

One of those food is umeboshi or pickled plum!



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Some of you may have tried pickled plum before and probably shocked how stimulative it is, but it seems pickled plum are not only good to make you feel a bit refreshed when you have a hung over on the next day of your drink, but also good to reduce such alcohol smell!

Hmn, I can kind of understand this!  I would probably prefer less simulative types of picked plum with honey to very salty and sour one as it does make you feel a bit better 🙂

And the other one is seaweed!  The article recommended to have seaweed salad while you are drinking so that you can reduce creating smelling components.


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Wow, I like seaweed as in salad and soup, but I didn’t know that it can be effective to reduce the alcoholic smell after drink.  But to test the effect, we have to set up some drink occasiond first! 😛


What do you think about today’s article?

If there is any food traditionally eaten as hungover remedy or food supposed to be good to eat while you drink, please let me know as I am very interested^^

Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


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