[Japan after Quake] Headline Round-up : Jul 11-17



This is a weekly headline round-up of the posts titled [Japan after Quake] on our Facebook page.


[Jul. 11] Google starts collecting digital data from damage situation. Street View is truly made useful.


Taking 3~6 months, digital photo data of damaged coast area will be collected with special 360-all angle camera.


[Jul. 12] Kyoto Marathon will be held on 3.11 next year. Disaster victims can join w/ no fee.


200 runners from disaster stricken areas can join free.


[Jul. 13] Disaster stricken areas suffer from lack of storage for winter relief clothing & shortage of summer clothing.


When the earthquake/tsunami occurred, it was winter in Japan. And now summer is here.


[Jul. 14] Sapporo launches website to encourage commerce and promote Hokkaido tourism after quake.


Not only disaster stricken areas, but also other regions suffer from the decline in foreign tourists.


[Jul. 15] Video titled “Turn off the light, let stars shine in sky…” Tokyo night view before and after the Quake.


Even with diminished light, the night view of Tokyo is still beautiful.


[Jul. 16] Records show the biggest 3.11 tsunami wave recorded at landfall was 40.5m high.


This was observed at the point of 500m inland. The past biggest tsunami wave was 38.2m recorded in 1896.


[Jul. 17] Recruitment fair for fishing industry held in Iwate pref. No participants appeared. (30 participants last time)


Tsunami hit Iwate coast and the fishing industry was damaged very badly. And on 17th, the fishing industry union held a fair to recruit young people for revival, but apparently no one was interested.


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