Compare J-pop musician Utada’s Japanese and English Songs


Hikaru Utada is a Japanese pop musician who sold her debut album total of 9.9 million copies at the age of 16 in 1999.

Since she has some English albums, you may already know about her, but she wrote almost all her songs and she produces too.

First she debuted, her music had strong R&B elements but she has taken in from different genres like Electronic, Rock, and Ethereal Wave.

In Japan she is well known as a huge anime and manga fan, so she has made some theme songs for anime and games.

Maybe it is why she makes pop Electronic or techno kind songs for Japanese albums.

But on contrary, her English albums have more R&B or nightclub songs.

Let’s compare her Japanese song and English song!



First, Japanese one is called “Beautiful World” (2007).




This one was released in the U.S.A. called “Come Back to Me” (2009).




I think both songs are beautiful and show different sides of Utada.

Which one do you like?



This is JAPAN Style!


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