Drive-Through Shops in Japan

Before I found an article about drive-through service in Japan, burger was only one thing I can come up with associated with the service, but it seems nowadays Starbucks also offers drive-through service.  According to the article, they now have 96 drive-through shops in Japan (and one of them in Tokyo)!


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I rarely use the service, so I probably didn’t know much about them, but it seems there are more varieties of drive-through available across Japan now.


drive-through starbucks

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Such a service, of course, has more demand in fast food industry, and you can find pretty a lot of franchise shops offering the service.  For example, gyu-don (or bowl of cooked beef with rice), Japanese curry, takoyaki ball shops are some of those you can find as drive-through shops in Japan.

I don’t know in what occasion I will want an access to such a service, but if you have a long drive and quickly want some hot food without stopping, I guess decent gyudon and takoyaki are nice options to have. (I still want to eat in store instead of eating in my car to relax and not to have any mess/ smell of food in my car! 😛 Lol)

When it comes to non-food industry, there is a particular bank based in Gifu pref. offering drive-through cash point service.

Ah, I think this is good idea although it is going to be a bit of nightmare if you don’t have a good driving skill…  You may just end up coming out of your car to be able to reach the screen of the cash point! Lol


Also, some supermarket offers drive-through grocery collection for those people pre-ordered their items on the internet.

So generally speaking, drive-through service is getting more popular across industries, but there is a negative case, too.  Some boat race venue started selling their ticket as drive-through service, but their service are only used by average of 3 people a day, and the ticket machine is likely to be taken away from the drive-through section…

I’ve also seen drive-through post and drive-through prescription service before, and I think such services are convenient when you struggle to find parking space.  Well, when it comes to food, I still prefer to eat food seated though!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know if there is any interesting/ unique drive-through service in your country  😉


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