30% of Japanese Businessmen Bring Own Packed-Lunch to Work

Some people like to take their packed lunch to their work or school while some prefer to enjoy food at work/school canteen or restaurants nearby.

Today, I would like to introduce an article about current trend in businessmen’ lunch.

According to this article, a life insurance company conducted a survey to see trend in businessmen’ lunch and possible spendings per a lunch with 5,652 Japanese business people in their 20s and 30s.  As a result, 32.3% of men and 39.5% of women generally take their packed lunch to their work.  So, this means that 1 in 3 is for packed lunch box.


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For the rest of male, 20.5% generally enjoy work canteen, 18.3% purchase packed lunch from shops, and 11.9% rather goes to eat out of their office.  On the other hand, for female, 12.9% buy packed lunch from shops, 10.8% prefer to go back home (!) , 10.0% go enjoy eat out and only 7.8% have their work canteen.

Surprisingly, some business women seem to go home during their lunch break!  It may be possible if you work really close to your work, but does this mean they tend to do some house work like preparing dinner etc. during lunch break?  Wow, that’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?  If I go home during lunch break, I am likely to end up relaxing too much and being late to work… Lol

The life insurance company also studied how much money those business people are spending for their lunch.  And the most common answer for both male and female was actually 500yen level (M: 27.7%/F: 29.1%), which isn’t very expensive at all.  The second most popular answer for male was 300yen level (11.0%) while the result for female was 1000yen level (14.9%).  So, there was a very obvious gap between male and female here.


Japanese lunch

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Normally, if you have a lunch at a relatively fashionable restaurant or have a set meal, it costs about 1,000 yen (US$12).  But 500yen (US$6) food may be a bowl of ramen??  And 300 yen (US$4) lunch maybe… hmn, it may be teriyaki beef on rice dish??  I wonder why there is such a difference between men and women though??  Maybe because many Japanese men tend to buy very thick magazines every week_(_^_)_


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