How to JAPAN Short Videos


An award winner YouTube channel “How to Japan” offers short anime videos introducing Japanese culture, etiquette and lifestyle. It was nominated for “YouTube Video Award 2010” and won “Good Design Award 2010” with its “How to enjoy sumo.”

The videos are available in English, Japanese and other languages. Each video is only about 5 minute or less, but you can get the idea of each subject because it is well summarized.

The anime is drawn with simple lines like a “datsuryoku-kei” (tension-removing) manga. It is very casual and gives us close feeling.

Here are some videos from How to Japan. There are more videos on How to Japan channel in YouTube.


“How to Use a Japanese Toilet”


“How to Use a Japanese Taxi”


“How to Enjoy Aka Chochin”


“How to Enjoy Mt. Fuji”


“How to Enjoy Hot Springs (Onsen)”


This is JAPAN Style!