Nosehair Notification Service: “Chorori”

Attitudes about unwanted hair may vary in each country. I guess in Japan, people (especially women) care more about excess hair than in other countries. If nose hair were to be sprouting from your nostrils, would you feel very embarrassed? And what if nose hair is peeking out of  your friend’s nose!? Should you alert him/her to the situation or not!? That’s quite a dilemma tough for Japanese people!

Recently, a very unique web notification service has come online. The name of the service is “Chorori”. Through Chorori, you can send an anonymous e-mail telling your friend about their unsightly nose hair 😯



1) Fill out the application form

2) E-mail is sent by Chorori to your friend whose nasal hair is out of control

3) Your friend takes immediate action

4) The situation is resolved discreetly. You can see the (now nose hair-free) friend with a smile ;P


[How to send “Chorori” mail]

* Fill out a form

– Name and E-mail address of the person whose nose hair is needing attention

– From which nostril?

– Approximate number of visible nose hairs

– Your relationship to the recipient

– For the outgoing message, you can chose from various tones (gentle, assertive, sharp, etc.)



* Click “request”

* Confirm the content of the notification E-mail.

* If it’s OK, click “send”


That’s it! Easy, isn’t it ^^?

The sender would be “info at“, and the title is “Important notice to (name)”, so receivers don’t know who generated the message. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t have an English version. But if you try this service, chose someone who can get the joke ;D


Source: “Chorori” Website


This is JAPAN Style!