Hamaya That Put on the Floor

Let me introduce a blog post about ‘hamaya’ (sacred arrows) of one of my favorite entertainment blog sites.

Do you know anything about ‘hamaya’? It is a good luck charm for the year that you get at temples and shrines during New Year’s holidays. Sometimes you decorate it with an arrow.

It is a popular good luck charm in Japan. It is usually decorated on the wall since the form is unsteady.

As I assume you have understood what it is, now please take a look at the picture.



The blogger bought a hamaya that you decorate on the floor.



It is a ready-to-assemble charm.
It is very easy to assemble them together.



You can set it up like this, so it is easy to handle.



I see.

This can be novelty item that did not exist in Japan. I am not sure if it gives you a benefit though. LoL


Source: Daily Portal Z



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