Fingers of a Classical Guitar Player

Let me introduce a blog post from my favorite entertainment site. The topic was about fingers of a classical guitar player.




This is a picture of a hand of a classical guitar teacher. Classical guitar players play the guitar without using a guitar pick. Instead, they use nails. So they grow nails on their right hand (dominant hand).




They keep the nails on the left hand short because if the nails are long, they get in the way when they work the neck of the guitar. Being a teacher, not only getting cut to the quick, he gets blisters on the finger tips.




Indeed, as he puts his hands together, the shapes of the fingertips are quite different from each other (especially little fingers). 😯



The picture looked much like a picture of a professional’s hands!

The difference between the right and left is quite obvious!

I wonder if you can call it a ‘job-related disease’. Not only about a guitar teacher’s job-related disease, but I would like to know other occupations’ job-related diseases as well.

By the way, I have heard that the lengths of professional baseball pitcher’s right and left arms are different since they throw balls so many times.


Source: Daily Portal Z



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