How to Make Yolk Inside Out Boiled Egg

One of the online videos that were talked about the most in Japan last year is “How to Make York Inside Out Boiled Egg.”



With this method, the egg yolk comes outside and the white goes inside. You don’t need a special machine or magic spell to do so (^_^)

If you want to try, you need an egg, clear adhesive tape, a pantyhose or tight, a small wire, a flashlight, and some ice cubes. You will use scissors and other cooking tools to boil the egg.



The gold thing next to the egg is a wire that is used to close a package bag of candies. I think that the same wire or similar kinds of wire are used for packaging in your country too. If you have some at home, it will be great. But if you don’t, you can use a piece of regular wire.




1: Put tape around the egg to avoid cracking.

2: Turn on the flashlight and flash at the egg. See and remember how light the egg looks.

3: Make a knot on the pantyhose and put the egg inside. Then close the opened side with the wire. Make sure the knot and the wire come to the center of each side of the egg.

4: Hold both ends of the pantyhose and spin it like a top. If you are doing it right it sounds “boom.”

5: Just like you did at step 2, flash at the egg and see if it got darker. (The instructor did 10 times to get that dark.)

6: Put egg into a pot with water and start heating. Keep water temperature at 60 degrees Centigrade for 5 to 6 minutes. Bring the temperature to 85 degrees and cook 10 minutes more while turning the egg. Turn off the fire and leave the egg 5 minutes.

7: Take out the egg and put into water with ice. Open the egg and you’ll see the inside out egg!


It is kind of a science project! Why don’t you try one to surprise someone? (^_^)


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